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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Sons quitting Mother India

The laws of the motherland India are giving step motherly treatment to her very own sons. Their future is in jeopardy by putting the sons and his parental family in to perils.

I am writing this because of several mails that we get to read in our Inboxes, I have one of those unfortunate mails to share with you. (Identity is kept a secret on purpose)

Hi Jinesh,
Thanks for replying to my email. As it stands now we are currently trying the mediation route with my in-laws although they have already filed a false complaint for 498a and got my mother arrested in such a way that it fell on the weekend and it took 4 days to get her out on bail.

I'm currently in the US working for an MNC. My mother is a cancer patient and is living alone in India. If you have gone through this situation I don't have to mention the pain and agony I and my family are going through. I want to get her out of India from this hatred and injustice

I sincerely hope you are not going through a similar situation, if you are my prayers and wishes go for you and your family.

Thank you for all your help!


With such dangers the sons are considering better options and they prefer to be adopted by different mother(lands) and are successfully and loyally working for them and in return they are atleast getting their peace of mind. and basic right to livelyhood.

And statistician cleverly project this as a "brain drain".

God Save this Country and the fellowmen.

Jinesh Zaveri.


Steve Austin said...

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CruiserDeep said...

When we grow up its the systemic corruption which makes us go abroad, many of us give up and go abraod for job, higher studies with a faint hope to come back to motherland. Some of us still hope against hope to fight it out in our own India, thinking "if not us, who will be in the system to change the system".

And when we totter along with our life , our own system becomes instrumental in getting our biological mothers jailed, harassed, disgraced, abused and left lifeless!.

Then we think whats this 'motheland' of ours doing to us, she may be affected by that strange mania of killing her own infants. If its so, why are we still with that kind of motherland?- its natural to think that way.

But still some chose to remain in the system to change the system, or as skeptics would say "in the fond hope of changing the bloody system!"

We shall prevail, with truth..