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Monday, August 07, 2006

498a Misuse on Zee News

Interview with Gokul, Mumbai about how IPC 498a was misused against him. The accusations were obviously false but police arrested him(as it happens to most of teh accused) even without asking whats the truth or the prima facie evidence he had with him

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

dowry law abuse in india

Bharthi's Interview Part-1

Bharthi's interview Part-2(High court and then Supreme court quashes the case since it does not amount to a Cruelty/Harassment or Dowry case- when all the wife wants all his property!)

Raj Kaushal's interview (Wife tried to extort money in collusion with authorities!-Supreme court spoils this sinister plan)

Interview with Gokul, Mumbai(Police investigatio reveals that the property said to have been misappropriated is with the complainants!- but they just had to ask Gokul and he could have given the evidence lying with him, but he had to be jailed for 3 days and fight 3 years and running to fight an already void case!).

Why should these cases, many of which have prima facie evidences of being false, entertained at all?- does the system feel that the courts are not loaded with avoidable work on false and frivolous cases?

These are the 4 Video clips of the CRIMEFILE program: on IPC Section 498a and dowry law misuse in India by Zee News(30&31/07/2006).