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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why will a law lose its teeth if truth is investigated!


The Editor
Express India

Ref: Your article- "Dowry law: mixed reaction to govt rider"(

Quoted from the above article "Asunta Pardhe, advocate and chief functionary, Chetna Mahila Vikas Kendra, says, “The majority of genuine cases will be adversely affected. It will be more difficult for women to fight domestic violence.” "

Its surprising to the point of disgust that these so called women activists are claiming that if the truth of the complaints(from women regarding cruelty/harassment against them) are investigated, the law loses its teeth!!!.

These radical feminists(feminazies) are exposing their true agenda by saying so- they only want these 'women-protection' laws to be there for them to be misused by unscrupulous women and their advisers, so that more and more false cases of cruelty and offenses against women are created and thence more and more funds come their way from the benefactors like UN and NGOs from the developed countries, and neo imperialistic and economic terror establishments of USA , etc.,.

Please do keep up the good work your media house has been doing and bring out the truth behind these money-mongering feminazies, who will make the death-knell of Indian family if they are not kept on check or eliminated totally.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Actor Mohanlal's letter and pledge against terrorism

The pledge against terrorism(through the social organisation "Act for Humanity") is a very good venture by Mohanlal.

I have tweeted both the malayalam and english pledges which interested people can take online, links are as under: (Malayalam) (English)

Please do re-tweet both, to reach out to more through all your twitter followers.

Read a news item which mentions about Mohanlal's socially responsible side