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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Zee news "CRIMEFILE" on misuse of 498a&Dowry law:Sunday night11PM, Repeats Monday 10.30AM&4.30PM

To the Media Personnel and other responsible Citizens
This is to inform the telecast of a TV program on Misuse of 498a and Dowry laws, this will be telecasted on 30th July Sunday night 11 P.M, in "Crime File" program on Zee News . This repeats on Monday morning 10.30AM and evening 4.30PM. Zee News Schedule is here:  .
 Address: CRIME FILE, Zee News, Essel Studio, FC-19, Sector 16-A, Noida - 201301, India
Phone: 91-0120- 2515399, 2511064 to 76
Send e-mail for Advertising : .
Spread the news and awareness. Also see program "Jurm" in Aajtak today(29th July, Saturday) 11.30PM for the coverage of a similar case of Law misuse.
Do contact us if you or your office also is interested in reporting or knowing more about Misuse of IPC 498a and Dowry laws by Indian wives, putting hapless and innocent husbands and their families in distress and chronic misery. You can read more about IPC 498a misuse and our petitions and awareness efforts at . News in media about cruelty by women/false cases: .
To read about the widespread misuse of laws like IPC 498a and Dowry Act, and why even the Supreme court has acknowledged misuse of 498a… read..
Warm Regards
P.R.Gokul ,
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Friday, July 28, 2006

Blog using your Emails: Send a copy of your 498a awareness emails to

Hi All,

Even if you do not have a blog, or can't get on the web to post it. Just email a copy your awareness emails to (put this email id in the Cc of your emails sent to people/media) and it will be posted to the blog . This blog is built for sharing and accumulating all our Promotion Campaigns(including emails, Media contacts, Posters, any other publicity/awareness material). So that this could be a Single point for all references to our Promotion.

Some samples have already been posted here as below: : Written to the Zee news Channel explaining about the ignominy and misery 498a victims and society in general go through Written to the Zee News in the above lines, emails like these will prompt the media to make more and more programs on Misuse of 498a.

So I urge all SIF members to send emails to the Media. You can find some Media contacts in the Blog itself( etc., apart from the file section of SIF yahoo group).

Start sending emails to Media, and copy your emails to so that it automatically gets posted on the blog(, and others can take inspiration, data and ideas from your posts. Send in your emails SOOOON.

Do email me at if you want to be a member of this blog, so that you can post/edit from Web too.
Zee news "CRIMEFILE" on misuse of law:Sunday night11PM 30th July 2006, Repeats Monday 10.30AM&4.30PM

Hi All,

Just confirmed with Delhi Zee news office that the program on Misuse of 498a and Dowry laws will be telecasted on Sunday night 11 P.M, in "Crime File" program on Zee News. This repeats on Monday morning 10.30AM and evening 4.30PM. Zee News Schedule is here: .

Earlier the bombay reporter had told(and even now!) that it will be telecasted on Saturday and repeats on Sunday(so just to be sure watch out the same timings on Saturday too, though Delhi office is sure that its on Sunday & repeated on Monday)Do send your feedback to , , , , . That is crimereporter (at) , inews (at) , anilsharma (at) , santosht (at) & crimefile (at) .......... . (replace (at) with @). If they get good viewership and feedback, they will follow-up with more programs, so send in your feedback emails and forward this message and inform all interested people you know.

Those who want to be anonymously interviewed(to which Zee didn't agree this time), or telephonically interviewed or by webcam/net, can also give their ideas and request through the emails above, or write to address below:

Address: CRIME FILE, Zee News, Essel Studio, FC-19, Sector 16-A, Noida - 201301, IndiaPhone: 91-0120- 2515399, 2511064 to 76Send e-mail for Advertising : .

Spread the news and awareness

Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Men don't cry", "Men don't ask for help when in trouble(they seldom ask for Directions for example)" these are some Stereotypes which come to mind when you think about traits of men. Some of the lesser discussed traits, but which are conditioned almost indelibly into a mans psyche 1) A man hides and tolerates abuse from wife, since if known to public, he will be seen as a sissy, a cad, a spine-less being 2) He does not discuss his domestic problems with others, he won't even be really interested in helping fellow men in domestic abuse situations, even if he is able to(since that would earn him a label of anti-woman, and he will be ostracised by feminists and possibly denied the company of beautiful Power-Babes!, and most certainly ridiculed by foul-mouthed internet stalkers).

See how Chivalry is conditioned and taught to both Men and Women right from their childhood, and how some men feel obliged to stay in abusive relationships with abusive wives/partners Article: Stephen Hawking and the burden of western chivalry . Related article: Article WORKING WITH VIOLENT WOMEN BY ERIN PIZZEY

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Message in the Bottle... to my Daughter

This is the message I am unable to give you in person, but the same would be an answer to many of your Questions.

Why did I leave you, why didnt I keep in touch with you: I was forced to keep away from you since I didn't want you to be brain-washed about me, and in the process develop wrong ideas about the world and relationships. By explaining everything in detail here, I dont want to risk the above, myself, so I will try and tell things to you in person whenever there is a chance.

Did u have an improper phase of growing-up: You just had an unusual childhood, with no father around but thats not improper- there are a lot of children growing up without fathers, and many of them have went on to have a full life. Life does not always present itself to one, as it did to another- we all have to make do with what we have, like I did, and be positive about life. When something is not there, there is always some other thing which is going for you, realise that and carry on.

Will I be happy to have you back in my life: Oh yes, by all means, I am waiting for such a time when you realise that your father is not a bad man who left his wife and kid for his selfish motives. We will find ways to be together and to catch up with lost time together. I am waiting for you to be ready to meet... do not have any doubts about that. I am waiting with a smile.

Till we meet...... my wishes are with you.

yours lovingly