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Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Men don't cry", "Men don't ask for help when in trouble(they seldom ask for Directions for example)" these are some Stereotypes which come to mind when you think about traits of men. Some of the lesser discussed traits, but which are conditioned almost indelibly into a mans psyche 1) A man hides and tolerates abuse from wife, since if known to public, he will be seen as a sissy, a cad, a spine-less being 2) He does not discuss his domestic problems with others, he won't even be really interested in helping fellow men in domestic abuse situations, even if he is able to(since that would earn him a label of anti-woman, and he will be ostracised by feminists and possibly denied the company of beautiful Power-Babes!, and most certainly ridiculed by foul-mouthed internet stalkers).

See how Chivalry is conditioned and taught to both Men and Women right from their childhood, and how some men feel obliged to stay in abusive relationships with abusive wives/partners Article: Stephen Hawking and the burden of western chivalry . Related article: Article WORKING WITH VIOLENT WOMEN BY ERIN PIZZEY

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