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Friday, March 23, 2007

Oppression has no Gender, so does crime and hence Correction

Having gone through hundreds of sessions counseling victims of gender-specific cruelty had made me realize that men are equally weak, if not weaker than women as victims of oppression (though studies point out that men are emotionally much weaker).

Even though I and my group are concerned with fight against gender biased laws and its use by wives(&/OR instigators), to victmise/terrorise men and his folks, I also have had the opportunity to interact with women who are victims of oppression by men. Which makes me sufficiently self-confidant about writing this piece, though not rocket science, which may not present itself in its full splendor or should we say macabre magnificence if one is not initiated enough.

As they say the feeling of déjà vu is the best way to understand problems, which you have gone through, since you realize what the other person has gone through before they really spell it out in great detail. The cold icy but pale, brimming eyes, the whimpering lips, the longing look in the tired droopy eyes, wrinkly exterior, wiry frames, the unkempt hair, dishelved haunts, the looks of a castaway, the odour of an unwashed body, crumbled clothes, the fidgeting fingers, flitting eyes, the awkward stammer, the lump in the throat, the gasps for air, desperation, the passive hopelessness, the lack of will to live, the shriek of the soul, the hope against hope that someone will hold his hand, the burst into uncontrollable grief, the delusions, the paranoia, the false show of strength, the manic vengefulness, the made up cheer………. Indicators of an unfortunate life……….. strangled by their own sweethearts….. the pain is to be experienced to be realized.

Some cases has been a drain to even think about, by the end of which your brain feels like tearing itself apart, owing to the sheer magnitude of not only just the cruelty and injustice but also because of the heart wrenching deceptions and plain lack of love from a person who the other considers to be his soul mate!.

But life has to go on, like water finding its way through the lowest lying plains, not necessary cutting banks in straight line, life has to inch forward with or without certain hope. And that’s the triumph of man as a survivor, and that’s what he does best- to fight for existence in uncertainty and pain, which is not a new thing for him. As a race we have been fighters all the while, so why think of failure now…….. no way…… its our chance to mould situations according to what want them to be. If we don’t do the changes, the changes will do us in!.

Like the history of Bombay the city, let us all come together with all our differences, to build a great tomorrow. Let us name it in the lines of “BOM BAHIA” like the Portuguese did when they came to Bombay….. lets name our tomorrow “The good Bay”. Where we all can soak up the sun and other bounties of this world, without diffusing and wasting our energies in wasteful destruction of self.

The solution of this recklessness strewn all through our existence is to gain good values, read, listen, experience goodness and practice them in our own lives. After all life’s over in four blinks, why should anyone waste them by not LIVING.

Lets go find our BOM BAHAI, or make one if needed …………… Peace.