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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why will a law lose its teeth if truth is investigated!


The Editor
Express India

Ref: Your article- "Dowry law: mixed reaction to govt rider"(

Quoted from the above article "Asunta Pardhe, advocate and chief functionary, Chetna Mahila Vikas Kendra, says, “The majority of genuine cases will be adversely affected. It will be more difficult for women to fight domestic violence.” "

Its surprising to the point of disgust that these so called women activists are claiming that if the truth of the complaints(from women regarding cruelty/harassment against them) are investigated, the law loses its teeth!!!.

These radical feminists(feminazies) are exposing their true agenda by saying so- they only want these 'women-protection' laws to be there for them to be misused by unscrupulous women and their advisers, so that more and more false cases of cruelty and offenses against women are created and thence more and more funds come their way from the benefactors like UN and NGOs from the developed countries, and neo imperialistic and economic terror establishments of USA , etc.,.

Please do keep up the good work your media house has been doing and bring out the truth behind these money-mongering feminazies, who will make the death-knell of Indian family if they are not kept on check or eliminated totally.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Actor Mohanlal's letter and pledge against terrorism

The pledge against terrorism(through the social organisation "Act for Humanity") is a very good venture by Mohanlal.

I have tweeted both the malayalam and english pledges which interested people can take online, links are as under: (Malayalam) (English)

Please do re-tweet both, to reach out to more through all your twitter followers.

Read a news item which mentions about Mohanlal's socially responsible side

Sunday, April 25, 2010

spectator - Sexism? Not Quite

SEXISM IS real. It is dangerous. It is shameful. And it is alive and flourishing all around us. It starts even before birth, when families conspire to get rid of the girl child before she has begun more...
My take on the above article by Seema Goswami

Seema is obviously jealous that she is double the size of Sunanda at half the age! ;).

"Nobody is denying that Sunanda Pushkar is an attractive woman if your taste runs to blonde highlights and industrial-strength mascara." aarrrggghh such venom of jealousy!.

Jokes apart ....... this sweat equity thing needs more clarity, as I realise its some thing which will accrue to the holder if and when the company makes profit and may be other checks and balances on how to value the holders contribution in the results. 

But people r jumping up and down like its a down payment(of 70 crores)!. Does anyone in here know how salty sweat equity is really?.

Lastly would Ms.Seema be ready to switch a word "sexism" to "cruelty to women" in her words "Sexism is a serious offence. And it is a serious charge to make. So, those who level it should not do so on frivolous grounds because to do that is to mock every genuine victim of sexism; to make fun of their misfortune; to heap insult on an already grievous injury."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Inner party democracy -letter to Shashi Tharoor

This is a letter Mr.Sudhakaran(of Great India Trust) sent to Shashi Tharoor, pointing out the flaws of the Indian political system which purges out men of caliber and responsibility and breeds weak, in-effective yes-men as our Political Czars!. 

The "action point" is that we have thought of certain methods to bring about the necessary changes in our Political system, but need substantial public participation and support to pull it through.

**********The Letter***********

Here is reproduction of a letter i sent to Shashi Tharoor.
I think his declared intentions of trying to ,change political culture, is sincere.
but the overenthusiasm. .. and his unfamiliarity with the vicious dynamics of the opportunistic indian politics... failled him..

So I thought ot seek his partnership. .. to catch him before he is baptized in the qugmire of corruption.. .
i request all our members, who can, print out this letter and send a copy with necessary changes to suit you.  Address: Shashi Tharoor (Congress MP and ex-Minister. , 97/Lodhi Estate,New Delhi - 110003 
------------ --------- --------- --------- -----

Dear Mr. Shashi Tharoor,
I have been wishing to communicate with you since your entry in toCongress party … and started to write in those days itself… then postponed to read `mid night to millennium and beyond' … and I got & read it up to 219 Pages …I am not considering it just as a recording of history and comment by any author… but as the views of a reform activist…. as you sacrificed well paid and well positioned job and entered politics hoping to change the (undesired) political culture… "I would love to change that culture, but I can't as an individual…" 2-3-201, CNN-IBN
The book is a treasure of information, but the analysis... `Criticism unaccompanied by clear and workable prescription… ' (p- 211): I had been telling our intelligentsia to desist form such useless exercise. Have you prescribed, or even identified the flaws in our political system? I did not notice any in your book or deeds. 

Immediate provocation to speed up posting of this letter is your exit from the Ministry. In short: I fully appreciate your intention to serve `Mother India' by trying to change the undesired political culture. I myself sacrificed my not-so-bad position, with Government of Fujairah, UAE, in 2003 (sure it does not worth mention… compared to yours) with the same intention. I have sorted out symptoms and causes and written a book `Great India: Indian Democracy – Problems and Solutions', with deep diagnosis and clear workable prescription. Summary given at www.greatindiatrust .org.

I have identified that the most debilitating curse of our political system is the prevalence of the tainted opportunistic lackeys, and a near complete absence of persons of competence, integrity and character - I call it `Character-crisis' in political leadership – not limited to Congress but every party is afflicted. Negation of the natural rejuvenating force of democracy – the `inner party democracy' is the cause of this curse. That is summarized in my letters to AICC president and Election Commission (copies attached). 

The book deals with two more grave flaws of our system… both part of genetic flaws of Westminster parliamentary system. But I leave them for a later stage, because the reigning leaderships (in all parties) are not competent enough to appreciate such things. So I am, I appeal you too to be, mono-focused in restoration of `Inner-party democracy' to bring in competent men of integrity and character into the leadership and to purge the not-so-competent, to be vigilant against expropriation of party positions. 

A part of my book: 
`I would compare a vibrant democracy with a multi-layered pyramid with two doors on each layer, each with opposite characters. Grass root institutions at lowest layer and the apex of the pyramid being the seat of its Chief executive – a party chief or CM/PM/President.
One of the door at each layer continuously attracts and filters-in the most competent ones from the preceding layer, and the other door continuously purge any one seen not-so-competent to be promoted to the next layer during their limited period in the concerned layer. So "only the `better' keep rising while even the `good' fall on the wayside". This increases probability of most competent among the aspirants only reaching apex of the entity; and of each layer get perpetually rejuvenated with most competent. 

Unfortunately those doors in Indian Democracy are tampered to reverse their function: Attracting and filtering-in the tainted opportunistic sycophantic lackeys only and purging any one exhibiting a grain of competence, integrity and independence during their time at the concerned layer. 

My endeavor is to expose the cause of this flaw/malfunction and rectify it. I appeal for dedicated effort from all concerned patriots to partner in this effort and do whatever they can at their level to realize our cherished common dream `A Great India'. 

I regret to say that, I feel, you jumped in or got hoisted to by… to highpolitical power before understanding the dynamics of the vicious quagmire of the degraded Indian political system, operated by tainted opportunistic manipulators. If they feel anybody entered in is not of their ilk and can not be peptized in the quagmire of corruption and lackey-ism, they would discredit and purge such persons… They are playing it at you… 

So get baptized or come out before more damage is done. 

After all, your intention is not serving Sonia. But is to serve Mother India… And Congress party is a platform for such service. Is not it? 

A strong India led by 2 or 3 strong political parties, is my dream. But nominations and consensus is weakening Congress (other parties too) and India too, with perpetually degenerating leadership. So I joined Congress to reform it to strengthen India.

Let us together with many such patriots strive to bring in a better political culture. I have the diagnosis and remedies. Request a fair hearing – I am not used to tweets. 

Sudhakaran, Cheravattail House, Tel 0480 2804452, email:sudhakaranck@

Web: http://groups. group/OurGreatIn dia 
Download the ebook - Great India..Indian Democracy: Problems and Solutions->

Artached copies of letter to 1- Election Commission
2- AICC & KPCC Presidents
3- Rahul Gandhi
4- ….