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Monday, September 10, 2007

'Peace Ride' on bikes around Bombay,30th Sept 2007

As you may be already knowing, we, in association with Bombay Bikers, are doing a 'Peace Ride' on bikes(and if needed Cars) around Bombay, 30th September in conjunction with Gandhi Jayanthi.

Please do confirm your participation by registering/confirming , see the route details too, at: . If you are unable to access the site, please send an email to me(drmura (at) hotmail (dot) come or hemant(hemant.kulshreshtha @ ) in this regard.

Pls participate in the poll regarding this Peace Ride:

or at

Each of your efforts will go a long way in bringing back the tranquility at home, since Charity begins at Home. Home is the fountainhead of life-force, lets nurture the tranquility for families to thrive.


Warm Regards, Gokul - , (Director), 09895697372(at Kerala now, till Mid September), 9821414336(Mumbai) (Read and participate at (Editor), and at: )

PS: at the bombay bikers site(link above) you will find the list of confirmed participants until now, we expect 10 SIFian bikes(20 people) and another 20 Bombay BIkers Bikes(40 people), thumbing it down on a sunday criss cross mumbai.......... jai ambe

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I may be the fool here, but let me risk the possibility of being termed just that

Why this Dual Standards? -Why dont we write the laws entirely pandering to women's desires instead. Re:Married woman can live with her lover, says court

Ref:Article in Hindustan Times, dtd.April 19, 2007 ->

Married woman can live with her lover, says court
by KS Tomar, Email Author , Jaipur,

Subject: But really..........Can a married woman lawfully live with her lover against the will of her husband?
(do comment on this subject at )

Hello Everyone,

I may be the fool here, but let me risk the possibility of being termed just that, and yet ask everyone- whether a woman can live with her lover(especially without the consent of her husband!, howmuchever unlikely the possibility of situations to the contrary could be!), while her legal marriage with her husband still exists(will she be legally correct in doing so?. At least isn't a crime of Adultery for her lover?): , excerpt of this is quoted at the bottom of this mail for ready reference).

Its a simple question, which I consciously made so short so that we can start the discussion based on the popular verdict on this.

The secondary question related to whether a married woman can live with her lover, while her legal husband is alive and non-consenting to this scenario, is that, whether a Judge of an Indian court right, in pronouncing that there is nothing wrong (did the learned judge mean that nothing is wrong 'morally'!, is his role to be a love-guru or a culture-vulture or even a purveyor of morality, or , as expected of him, the upholder of justice or at least, in the bargain, the upholder of WRITTEN LAW prevailing in Present India!).

Some observations on the news(this is uploaded at for reference)

The judge may be logically or even morally correct in taking this stance in the above scenario, since the girl, in this case, seem to be not all interested(even before marriage she had this 'thing' going!) in her 'legally-married-to-husband". Moreover her lover seems to be ready to face a possible 'Adultery' case! against him, which is what the IPC 497-Adultery
reads out, but only that the judge is not at all ready to take action against him on grounds of adultery, which is the justifiable behaviour expected out of an Honourable Judge(I am assuming that the detailed judgement really doesn't talk about an action under section 497 ie. Adultery law, already been pressed on the lover)

Why this double standards by the Judiciary!- when a girl does obviously wrongful acts according to the WRITTEN LAW of a country, she gets away with favourable interpretations, hearings and readings of the law. This is ensure even if it requires our Judges to do this by bending over backwards or even winding themselves into unjustifiable coils of Judicial wisdom and interpretations, and "woolly woolly words" for judgements, with a willing 180 degree spin-doctoring by the Judiciary , only when the party concerned is a woman(along with her paramour, intact, at her heels). I am not at all justifying the girl's husband, I am just focusing on the courts lenience towards her, which is just the summary of many a case in India, a blatant Gender-Skew!.

Meanwhile when men live by the law, they are treated Guilty until proven innocent(by his own effort, ie. burden of proof solely on himself), yes I am referring to the misuse of gender-biased-skewed laws like IPC 498a and Domestic Violence Act , etc.. If in the legal interpretation of our judges men always have a propensity to do 'bad', and thats why they need to give some 'headstart' to women by ruling in favour of them!, why don't they change the 'WRITTEN LAW ' , so that at least men do not have the ignominy of living with a
non-enforceable Indian Penal Code with respect to men, by and large!.

So the Questions once again are:

1. Whether a married woman can live with her lover, while her legal husband is alive and non-consenting to this scenario(this has reference to the validity of the Adultery law ie IPC 497, as it stands now!)- will she be legally correct in doing so

2. With respect to the above scenario, whether a Judge of an Indian court right in pronouncing that there is nothing wrong on the part of the lady or her lover.- Is the Judge legally correct in doing so

Reference: Indian Penal Code, Section 497. Adultery

Whoever has sexual intercourse with a person who is and whom he knows
or has reason to believe to be the wife of another man, without the consent or connivance of that man, such sexual intercourse not amounting to the offence of
rape, is guilty of the offence of adultery, and shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, or with fine, or with both. In such case the wife shall be punishable as an abettor
.(->Interpretation, the Girl is not an
offender of any law in this case, not even a co-accused!)

On 4/19/07, ramdama dam wrote: a married woman lawfully live with her lover against the will of her husband? The Rajasthan High Court says yes. In a judgment on Wednesday, the court allowed a married woman, Manju, to live with her lover, Suresh. "It is improper to pass an order to hand over any unwilling married woman to her husband with whom she does not want to stay," said justices GS Mishra and KC Sharma. The court also said that nobody should consider an adult woman as a consumer product. While dismissing a habeas corpus petition filed by Manju's husband, the court came down hard on the misuse of habeas corpus petitions by people who want to thrust their will upon adult women without their consent. The court said the husband was free to approach the family court for divorce. Commenting on the judgment, senior Supreme Court advocate and noted women's rights activist Indira Jaising said, "Though it sounds strange, I am in complete agreement with the high court." "At the end of the day an adult woman has a right to decide whom she wants to live with. She can't be forced to go with her husband against her will," Jaising said. In this case, Jaising said, it is clear that the woman was prepared for divorce. She also felt that Manju's husband had abused the habeas corpus petition because such petitions were generally filed when somebody is actually missing. Asked whether it amounted to adultery, Jaising clarified that the woman could not be prosecuted for this offence under the law. As for the other man, she said, "it seems he is ready to face that". National Commission for Women Chairperson Girija Vyas said that although it seemed like an important judgment, she could not comment on it since she had not seen it yet. Manoj Chaudhry, the counsel for Manju and Suresh, had earlier rejected as baseless the allegations that Manju had been kept in illegal confinement by Suresh. He said that the duo had been living together by their free will and that the relationship had begun even before Manju had got married. With inputs from Satya Prakash and Sutirtho Patranobis.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Oppression has no Gender, so does crime and hence Correction

Having gone through hundreds of sessions counseling victims of gender-specific cruelty had made me realize that men are equally weak, if not weaker than women as victims of oppression (though studies point out that men are emotionally much weaker).

Even though I and my group are concerned with fight against gender biased laws and its use by wives(&/OR instigators), to victmise/terrorise men and his folks, I also have had the opportunity to interact with women who are victims of oppression by men. Which makes me sufficiently self-confidant about writing this piece, though not rocket science, which may not present itself in its full splendor or should we say macabre magnificence if one is not initiated enough.

As they say the feeling of déjà vu is the best way to understand problems, which you have gone through, since you realize what the other person has gone through before they really spell it out in great detail. The cold icy but pale, brimming eyes, the whimpering lips, the longing look in the tired droopy eyes, wrinkly exterior, wiry frames, the unkempt hair, dishelved haunts, the looks of a castaway, the odour of an unwashed body, crumbled clothes, the fidgeting fingers, flitting eyes, the awkward stammer, the lump in the throat, the gasps for air, desperation, the passive hopelessness, the lack of will to live, the shriek of the soul, the hope against hope that someone will hold his hand, the burst into uncontrollable grief, the delusions, the paranoia, the false show of strength, the manic vengefulness, the made up cheer………. Indicators of an unfortunate life……….. strangled by their own sweethearts….. the pain is to be experienced to be realized.

Some cases has been a drain to even think about, by the end of which your brain feels like tearing itself apart, owing to the sheer magnitude of not only just the cruelty and injustice but also because of the heart wrenching deceptions and plain lack of love from a person who the other considers to be his soul mate!.

But life has to go on, like water finding its way through the lowest lying plains, not necessary cutting banks in straight line, life has to inch forward with or without certain hope. And that’s the triumph of man as a survivor, and that’s what he does best- to fight for existence in uncertainty and pain, which is not a new thing for him. As a race we have been fighters all the while, so why think of failure now…….. no way…… its our chance to mould situations according to what want them to be. If we don’t do the changes, the changes will do us in!.

Like the history of Bombay the city, let us all come together with all our differences, to build a great tomorrow. Let us name it in the lines of “BOM BAHIA” like the Portuguese did when they came to Bombay….. lets name our tomorrow “The good Bay”. Where we all can soak up the sun and other bounties of this world, without diffusing and wasting our energies in wasteful destruction of self.

The solution of this recklessness strewn all through our existence is to gain good values, read, listen, experience goodness and practice them in our own lives. After all life’s over in four blinks, why should anyone waste them by not LIVING.

Lets go find our BOM BAHAI, or make one if needed …………… Peace.