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Monday, September 10, 2007

'Peace Ride' on bikes around Bombay,30th Sept 2007

As you may be already knowing, we, in association with Bombay Bikers, are doing a 'Peace Ride' on bikes(and if needed Cars) around Bombay, 30th September in conjunction with Gandhi Jayanthi.

Please do confirm your participation by registering/confirming , see the route details too, at: . If you are unable to access the site, please send an email to me(drmura (at) hotmail (dot) come or hemant(hemant.kulshreshtha @ ) in this regard.

Pls participate in the poll regarding this Peace Ride:

or at

Each of your efforts will go a long way in bringing back the tranquility at home, since Charity begins at Home. Home is the fountainhead of life-force, lets nurture the tranquility for families to thrive.


Warm Regards, Gokul - , (Director), 09895697372(at Kerala now, till Mid September), 9821414336(Mumbai) (Read and participate at (Editor), and at: )

PS: at the bombay bikers site(link above) you will find the list of confirmed participants until now, we expect 10 SIFian bikes(20 people) and another 20 Bombay BIkers Bikes(40 people), thumbing it down on a sunday criss cross mumbai.......... jai ambe

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