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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I had written to the President at , urge you to also write regarding the injustice you are facing due to Misuse of IPC 498a.

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From: Gokul
To: president
Sent: Monday, June 19, 2006 11:34 AM
Subject: Misuse of IPC 498a putting Indian families in extended Turmoil

Dear Mr.President,

I hope you have some time to go through what I am submitting I am sure you have heard about the IPC section 498a, which is a section to safegaurd women against cruelty from husband and relatives.

But this gets misused mainly by women who are vengeful and wants either a ransom for letting the husband out of the false case, or to make him submit to her demands and lead life gaining power over the husband and family.

Sir, myself and many others who are just in their youth and have many dreams in life are tied up in this legal mess because of this section, which does not need any evidence other than the girls word to get the accused arrested and entangle them in the case for years and years in our slow judicial redressal system. Along with the husbands, their families are also caught in this quicksand of misused law. And in effect the law which is aimed to protect women is trapping atleast 2 women of a household on the hands of an unscrupulous, vengeful and law misusing legal terrorist. For more details about this you could refer to my complain letter to Commissioner of Police, Mumbai at: and .

Your attention to this issue and instructions to our law makers would definitely speed the ongoing amendment/repeal of this section of IPC. Do let me know of anything else which I can do to assist you in wiping this menace off, which is tying up a lot of positive energy and resources of our country.

One online community, with over 900 members all over the globe, fighting against this has some websites created and managed by volunteers:

You can read accounts of 100s of members, details of the misuse we get as SOS help requests at: . Request you to guide us to bring some sanity to the oft-misused IPC section of 498a. As you can imagine 100s of man years have already been lost on account of this misuse, and is easily a national threat if left unchecked.

Warm Regards

P.R.Gokul ,
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