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Friday, March 24, 2006

This is one movement which had caught my attention, I hope they fulfill what they set out to do... This came as an email to me, and I felt that they should be given some mindshare, after all this seems to be a time of public awareness and arising......


IITians completing master degrees, that all the present politicians cannot even think to make together, decided to rinse the filthy and foul elementsof the system to make our India a Jagadguru (ruler of the world). Theirbrilliance, patriotism and sacrifice are unusual and very remarkable. They callthemselves PARITRANA (pretty uncommon name), means complete relief implying theend of the very cause of distress, that’s what they think will do for everycitizen of India.

All those IITians been suspected in any possible way people can think, ratherthan applauding their super intelligent brain, that they are renowned in wholeworld for. They sacrificed their multimillion dollar jobs and comfortable lifeonly to make the system of our India super strong. They personally hatecorruption, illiteracy, opaqueness, partiality based on religion and so all thefouls that we all detest that our country needs. They dream a revolution ofpatriot youth government, which will change the whole system of India to gettransparent, corruption free and super advanced India, and so we all dream. PARITRANAthe Political party for the Bharat of the 21st century.

This mail is a part of the online campaigning started by prospective members ofPARITRANA contacted by the PARITRANA leaders, towards gaining support forPARITRANA in each and every city .To know more about this party go throughtthe following links and blogs.Please dont treat this mail as just anotherforward.This is an endeavour towards gathering momentum for PARITRANA by havingthis mail read by every IT professionals ,college goer and college passedout,students pursuing their diploma,etc.Currently what is needed is that weestablish a popularity base as broad as possible among the elite learnedcommunity and then concentratrate on the grassroots section of the society. Thefollowing are the links

Since , one of the leader of “PARITRANA” Mr. Santhanagopalan Vasudev is goingto contest in one of the Chennai Constituency , Myself and other patrioticfriends from Chennai are joining our hands with him to face the election ..Ikindly request you people to join yahoo groups called “paritranaites” which wascreated by us with help of party leaders .. So, please join with us to make a great India ...The link for yahoo groups ishere ,join in this group and shoot up your views , ideas and suggestions...
Please join this group with your yahoo id ..

OTHER LINKS (The interview with Chandrasekhar,National Treasurer of Paritrana ) ( THE TIMES OF INDIA article on Paritrana) ( Indian Express article on Paritrana) ( The official website for PARITRANA politicalparty) (For joiningPARITRANA visit this link.)

By getting this mail you hold the responsibility towards forwarding the mail to all your known friends collegemates,juniors somehow or the othereither by sending a mail to the college groups or individually.Remember thatthis is just one of the many ways of helping PARITRANA. Let carry out these actions with intense fervourand aggression fueled by the retribution we thought of having on this corruptpolitical system.For charging up let us recall just a few instances when welost our temper---murder of the IIT graduate Satyendra Dubey , IIM graduateManjunath who were all victims of this corrupt political system for the onlyreason that they carry out their duties in a sincere manner ,the acceptanceof bribe by the lard laden politicans for raising questions in the parliamentstowards taking a break from the usual routine of warming up the seats in theparliament etc.... The choice is yours as to whether you want to helpthose PARITRANA leaders assume the sceptre at the earliest or you want towitness the damn politicians playing the zero sum game forever.