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Sunday, April 25, 2010

spectator - Sexism? Not Quite

SEXISM IS real. It is dangerous. It is shameful. And it is alive and flourishing all around us. It starts even before birth, when families conspire to get rid of the girl child before she has begun more...
My take on the above article by Seema Goswami

Seema is obviously jealous that she is double the size of Sunanda at half the age! ;).

"Nobody is denying that Sunanda Pushkar is an attractive woman if your taste runs to blonde highlights and industrial-strength mascara." aarrrggghh such venom of jealousy!.

Jokes apart ....... this sweat equity thing needs more clarity, as I realise its some thing which will accrue to the holder if and when the company makes profit and may be other checks and balances on how to value the holders contribution in the results. 

But people r jumping up and down like its a down payment(of 70 crores)!. Does anyone in here know how salty sweat equity is really?.

Lastly would Ms.Seema be ready to switch a word "sexism" to "cruelty to women" in her words "Sexism is a serious offence. And it is a serious charge to make. So, those who level it should not do so on frivolous grounds because to do that is to mock every genuine victim of sexism; to make fun of their misfortune; to heap insult on an already grievous injury."

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