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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Actor Mohanlal's letter and pledge against terrorism

The pledge against terrorism(through the social organisation "Act for Humanity") is a very good venture by Mohanlal.

I have tweeted both the malayalam and english pledges which interested people can take online, links are as under: (Malayalam) (English)

Please do re-tweet both, to reach out to more through all your twitter followers.

Read a news item which mentions about Mohanlal's socially responsible side


Anonymous said...

Good to know that influential people are doing great job.

CruiserDeep said...

Yes prassoon, we have to invite their attention(whoever is willing to discharge their social responsibilities) to "Legal Terrorism" too, and make them aware that "Legal Terrorism" which affects family system is much more far-reaching in its scope and depth of kill-potential and ruthlessly destructive than conventional/explicit terrorism

So we need to whip up awareness and join forces with the ones who realise the gravity of this impending disaster of global proportions!(which will put conventional terrorism in shame, by its sheer potential for comprehensive and long term destruction and damage to society/mankind)

sreeja said...

An established and well-liked person like Mohan Lal, I think he can do something solid against this menace which is in the sprouting stage at kerala, by amassing like-minded people. my prayers and support to this great act