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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

dowry law abuse in india

Bharthi's Interview Part-1

Bharthi's interview Part-2(High court and then Supreme court quashes the case since it does not amount to a Cruelty/Harassment or Dowry case- when all the wife wants all his property!)

Raj Kaushal's interview (Wife tried to extort money in collusion with authorities!-Supreme court spoils this sinister plan)

Interview with Gokul, Mumbai(Police investigatio reveals that the property said to have been misappropriated is with the complainants!- but they just had to ask Gokul and he could have given the evidence lying with him, but he had to be jailed for 3 days and fight 3 years and running to fight an already void case!).

Why should these cases, many of which have prima facie evidences of being false, entertained at all?- does the system feel that the courts are not loaded with avoidable work on false and frivolous cases?

These are the 4 Video clips of the CRIMEFILE program: on IPC Section 498a and dowry law misuse in India by Zee News(30&31/07/2006).

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