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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Heard about a very interesting book titled "The Rantings of a Single Male": Losing Patience with Feminism, Political Correctness... and Basically Everything, First Edition (Paperback)by Thomas Ellis

Among the book reviews I was struck by one observation as below, observing about women:

Selfishness is not a by-product of feminism, it is a towering result of too many women being allowed to only think of themselves first and foremost. Women aren't raised to sacrifice for the greater good, for justice or for their families. There is no female version of chivalry. They are to be adored and not questioned, they are too valuable to endanger.

Yes I agree that women do tend to think that they are to be pampered(why else the term "Suitor" exists, why else does a man have to go down on his knees to propose), its evolved that way, may be it was relevant at one point in time. But as world changed and has culture changed(culture is ever changing), we ought to have collectively changed our expectations about being a man or woman. I agree men too had a big part in making a woman an object of consumption, and all that pampering and tolerance was with just 'one' thing in mind- yes the self-propogation of man, it is programmed in men. And it is programmed in women that she selects the male who has the best of health and the one who will provide her and her children with the best of resources to thrive on.

But we are supposedly in the era of equal rights(and equal duties too!, hey that comes along with rights, remember), and we know that we need to run families to fulfill many mutual needs. So why don't we all just understand that and live in harmony- its that simple, when u come to think of it.

May be we are all in the cusp of such maturity, may be people can't thrive without contradictions!. But hope that we can have some fun leading family lives, at least some fun, sometime.

More reviews on the above book at Amazon:


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Even today men are provider and protector of women, in return if they expect a human treatment, is it asking too much.


Rebel said...

Feminism are all the time babbling about "Rights". When are they start talking about "Responsibility" ?

Its ironical that freedom never comes for free. The freedom these women are striving for, isn't going to come free. Women must learn to understand the price they and all of us for that matter will have to pay to attain the freedom. Perhaps, we take and pause and contemplate on Human Responsibility instead of Human Rights.

Bharati said...

Agreed equal responsibilitie is the mantra

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