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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ways of heart are insane, some may say, but for the man carrying that heart, its just what his heart says. When logic and objectivity fails, turn to whatever unconventional or seemingly unreasonable way, just to save some heart.
This is a post I received in the yahoo groups, read on….
******* quote**********
hi all,
i did try all these in the last 6 months as i said all religious ways.
far as the hindu way is concerned
1. there is one astrologer in hyderabad i consult often and plan my
and do all rituals
2. there is one astroler in delhi ( who send me divya mangala chakra
one). its a combination of mantra , tantra and yantra ( yantra which i
worship daily, mantra which i recite and tantra which i wear ). he also
advices me regulary
3. there is one indian priest here who often i meet every week and
tells me
to do lot of rituals. i kept a 2 month fast in august and september to
this marriage as per his advice. there is one holy ritual performed
every year where in you have to pick some offerings from burning hot
oil and
submit to god to fulfill ur wishes and i did that with complete faith
but to
my surprice my hands did not burn. he is oneway my local consultant
4. there is one nadi astrologer from chennai whom i consulted who told
me to
perform rituals every sunday in my wife name .so i go to that temple
sunday and offer my prayer in my wife name
5. there is a numerologist i got in touch recently here who asked me to
a ring which i wil be wearing from october 10th.,
now the christian way..
1 there is a paster here ( church fathers here are called paster ) who
prays for our matter every friday. i try to meet him often and i go
bible regularly on this matter.
now the muslim way.
1. there is a malay guy whom im in touch last 3 months who asks me to
in a muslim way. i do that rituals also.
these are all the things im doing till date. if you think there is any
other way or any person u think can be more effective, i dont mind
consulting him..too..
because i m committed for this matter and can go to any extent in
thanks and regards
******* Un quote**********
I don’t prescribe to the ways discussed above, but I perfectly understand the mind which is thinking all this… in hurt. When the force which is supposed to be the strength of your shoulder, partner in your life, turns back and knives u to a gory situation worse than death itself, one could think of turning to any corner which could possibly bring relief, and sanity to that cheating partner.

But thinking more practically, one has to take a problem solving approach and solve step by step all those hurdles, just let the fear and stress boost you to reach the solution. Its often said that being guided by heart does not often yield any materialistic results, "no sentiments in business"- and when survival becomes the sole business in your life, you better think with your logical brain(let the emotional brain take a break, till u r ready to absorb some more blows :)


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