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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Found an interetsing article by a lady: Yes, no one is immune to this misuse of Harassment Law(can be interpreted as the law which prevents harassment of women, and also the law which unscrupulous women use to harass all and sundry related to husband!) . Can't believe it?, believe it... you just have to be distantly related to any husband, for you to be rounded by the police and be put in remand, until such time as police deems fit!, how about that for a draconian concept of law! . Read on....

Article "Spare a thought for Dowry law abuse" by Devi Cherian


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I do criticise women for such misuse of laws to harass and extort money from their husband and in-laws. But I also blame the men for keeping quiet on this crisis. Why men are still ignoring such incidents ? Why men are not able to observe that women are taking over their life ?
WOMEN ARE INVADING OUR VERY RIGHTS. If we can't fight against this injustice, then stop complaining. Those who are complaining and not fighting against this injustice, they will continue to live like injured horses who are good for nothing.

Instead of holding to our petty male-egos, we must unite and fight this new developement or else our children will insult us for not stopping this menace when we HAVE the opportunity to stop it.


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