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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Agreed that gender wars have been on from time immemorial (yeah, human beings need to have some conflict or the other, in their lives, somehow). But how can anyone explain ladies (or girls) thinking about strangling their life-partners(chosen ones, most often than not) legally, with a false complaint.

I am talking about the misuse of 498a(section of Indian Penal code), which originally is a law to prevent Harassment and Cruelty by Husbands and relatives towards wives. Without going into the legalities, I wish to enquire the reasons of this rift and later vicious clash, between 2 people who shared and were to share the most intimate times of their lives- I am sure a lot of couples started out with a fight, just with a bit of anger, ego, vengeance. But whats sustaining this prolonged hatred which makes someone to ruin the other partner, mentally, physically, socially, economically and worst spiritually(which makes one think that this life's not worth living- see what its giving back!).

I do have some inferences of why this seem to happen, but would like to hear from the affected, bystanders, the remotely affected & unaffected. Just to form a data bank of inferences, from which we can distill down to specific reasons and hence to some possible solution.

To read more about this situation you can go to the links below:

Legal Resources
Indian Penal Code- IPC: i) u need to register free for this
ii) the free one:
2) for Criminal Procedure code , refer:

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Jinesh Zaveri said...

Great Deep thoughts!!!

Well Explained.

Where do we go...

Well, I am sure the links and the facts will go a long way to unveil the actual picture and will generate true perceptions for the other side of the story.

I Join you with my support in this fight for Justice.

All the best.

Swarup said...

The bigest problem in India that society treat the girls as a comidity . They before marriage want every thing from their father , from brother after marriage from husabnd .
They think whatever they have that is there and all the husband property and money is there . They dont belive that the husband also have a parents , friends relative .

The day wifes will understand that whatever they eran is there and whatever thier husband earns is her husband .. all the problem will be solved .

A wife expect that their husband will be comitted to their relationsip , but the wife had the whole sale free lince to abuse husabnd , their family members , abuse children , cheating husabands .

In this line they forget that , they can't cheat their husabnd too long .. one day the husabnd will understand and then the relationship finish.

Bharati said...

Wrong education last year there was a play in Mount carmel Called " shoot the mother in law" IF such plays are allowed obviously it will inluence and wrongly educate the girls that intolerance of her husbands parents is a virtue and that is one of the causes of these false and vexatious allegations

Anonymous said...

On the name of woman welfare, there is lot harrasement is taking place on Man, I do not know. To do the welfare of woman why they need to harrase Man.

Vina Raj