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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Simple pleasures of life ... Fathers of Orphans

Simple pleasures of life ....

Repressed waters of sad longings
Men who don't cry carry
Counting on his countless hopes and few blessings
Trudges through the jungle called life
Can he carry on alone, ridiculed as loveless
Will he be able to express his pain and dreams
Of simple pleasures of life, like holding his children
Playing with them, showing them this wild wild world
Being there for them, as only he can
May be there's a sunrise which changes all this sadness
May be a few sons should rise, rise above this tyranny
Rise so that life can carry on as we know
Simple pleasures of life..... are coveted, those are the most coveted of them all.

As some live as fathers of orphans!, helpless of being so.
Fathers of Orphans ..... denied of simple pleasures of life & a world denied of smiles


Anonymous said...

nice portray of emotions of a father of a separated child !

father of orphans ..New term.

Gokul Padoor said...

The term "Fathers of Orphans" may be a new one, but the concept, the malice an old one, its been called by different names in history, like PAS(Parental Alienation Syndrome), Parental Abduction, Legal Terrorism, Family Terrorists, Single parent children, fatherless children & childless fathers!.

Thanks for the comment, when raw emotions push the pen... only then this can happen... when pain rules... body has to react in this way, lest it self-destructs!