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Thursday, December 14, 2006

This is an age of maturation.... towards equality

Women will find what’s their true potential, which is nothing but complimentary to that of men, since they have evolved to fend for each other, and not to eliminate each other!

But in the meanwhile all these jingoism and one-up(wo)manship could be done away with, and especially the bad-feminists need to be shooed away by women themselves......or like those ugly roaches, crushed with no mercy!.

Together we win and sustain, together we evolve(as we have evolved).
This is the era of information and knowledge (not brute force, when men were definitely superior), so in this new epoch women will have every opportunity for level playing field. They just need to apply their minds and get what they deserve, and not resort to terrorist activities, subverting their own existence!

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