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Monday, February 20, 2006

Some work it is... ahead+ Pic Blast from the Past

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Here are some pictures from the PHSS Seminar Nasik which was held on 15th January 2006. I would like to share my state of mind with respect to our fight against 498a as below. This is an excerpt of my email to my comarades in this fight:


I personally feel that as of now we can share successful strategies in individual cases, and try to replicate that everywhere(using the same 498a and IPC on an "as is, where is" basis)
This where the importance of the the Book of Knowledge(BOK) comes, this concept(Expert system to fight 498a) was discussed in the Forums: . Do post your views in there so that we can start to build the BOK or expert system.
Since to change the 498a law is an altogether different ball game, which I would think  of as a very meek chance since vested interest would like to keep the law the same as it is, vote banks & merceneries like women organisations(they dont brandish real women issues, they only uphold saleable issues which get them funding, again from vested interests) are the reason. So that would be secondary and at ease, primary focuse being development and replication of successful strategies and promotion strategies. I am ccing this to SIF core for some synergistic discussions/
I will be off air from 21st feb again for a month so, please do keep this in mind.
As bharathi and I was discussing its high time that we have an All india meet in Mumbai(or Delhi) to forge some concrete action plans(we need to discuss those on email and bring it to some shape , before we meet in person- for better effectiveness).
GokulPS: I feel that by now we must have got enough forms filled , to run some statistical analysis. or design some questionnaires suitable for running Factor analysis, cluster analysis and other statistical tests, which can be the first steps to establish some scientific basis for the "need for change".


I am also uploading some more photos from the PHSS seminar and 2 snaps of India's first fully 498a'ed village which we found enroute to Nasik while travelling towards the Seminar venue, courtsey of this find goeas to Vinod Patil whose wife is from this village, as per him the girls of this village are all back from their marital homes after firing 498a Scuds on their husbands families, in hope to live happily thereafter!. What is this world coming to!. 


But lets not sit quiet and suck it up, lets do all thats in our rights to do, if needed all whats not too!, if it comes to that.

Cruising later Deep

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ravans and Supranakas caught red handed:

In an enlightening discussion in a blog, the abusing violent Indian husbands of urban India were caught admitted their Adulterated Extramarital Relationship with their girlfriends who have been in this hiding for long and pretending to be the Sita.

The revelation came after one commenter who has been very famous for his infamous quotes threatened the civilized unbiased male owner of the blog to remove a remark on Uma (commented by someone else). This possessive boyfriend’s protectiveness about his girlfriend was enough for other bloggers who have been attacked mercilessly by him to rightly conclude that infact it is he who has been having an Adulterated Extramarital Relationship.

Their travesty is over and they have been exposed. For months many of us who can vouch openly have been receiving irate perverted mails from him using the most insolent languages and allegations on decent women and men of the society. These radicals use private forums of others to cover-up their illegitimate affairs but in reality are very much against women or their wives after they discovered their husbands illicit relationships and have taken legal recourse. Their heinous activities have not even spared the NCW, IIT , IIM , legal judiciary of India, the president and Gandhi family;

My query is are we going to let these perpetrators continue with their atrocious activities:

1)Will these perpetrators get Whole Sale Free License to continue Adulterated Relationship and torture their wives and children?

2)Will these perpetrators get Whole Sale Free License to grab their wife’s Money by Illegal Terrorism –DOWRY?

3)Will these perpetrators get Whole Sale Free License for Killing or abandoning their wife and the Child for DOWRY?

4)Will these perpetrators get away by ordering the SITA of today to leave ,once gain repeat the saga of Sita who was asked to go the forest with her children?

5)Will these perpetrators force the child to grow under Single parenting System mercileslsy?

6)Will these perpetrators get away by killing the holy Institution of Marriage by having extra marital relationships?

7)Will these perpetrators beat our brothers who protect sisters from these ravans?


9)Will these perpetrators get Pregnant wives and sisters all thrown out of matrimonial houses by their greedy parents, sisters for DOWRY”

harassed Says:
February 24th, 2006 at 9:45 am
We have posted this entire above cooment with the link of Apurva blog as PROOF and our mails to zee, star, aaktak, HT, doordarshan news channels, NCW, sister orgs of NCW in UK and USA,human rights wing, sonia gandhi, primeminister, RR Patil(whose on our side), commissioners of cities and yes the PRESIDENT too.

Alse the same has gone to local and international news papers in USA and UK, indian orgs in USA as a letter.

WE have also posted the link and above comment on our groups for all to celebrate and continue the discussions.
Maybe some wife can catch a husband speaking about his girlfriend and produce his emails in court and show the society.

A slap on your face.

Your girlfrinds are caught the real supranaks and ravans.

Now the moderator let me see how you delete this mail, if u have the guts then let it be here for all to see. who else but your own members.
Good luck
As you sow , shall you reap