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Saturday, December 17, 2005

The following news came in the Bloggers park section of Mumbai Mirror. Its a prediction that Save Indian Family site had made some days back. But I am not sure what kinda situation IG Radha has got into(may be he is a crook genuinely!, but may be he has thought of all this as a shrewd escape mechanism from false implication in a Harassment case by his wife- anyway we need to investigate before we get judgemental).

But nice prediction that 498a is on the way for I.G Radha, since now a days its just a logical next for any girl in distress or a girl in greed, this false 498a is the thing which is brandished about as the ultimate panacea for girls in 'any' kind of distress or self-made plight.

Save Indian Family had predicted that IG Panda (Doosri Radha) can face a false dowry harassment case(original link at):

Bloggers’ park
Doosri radha (what could be behind IPS Panda’s plight?)

• Save Indian Family had predicted that IG Panda (Doosri Radha) can face a false dowry harassment case. It has come true. ...She already got an order maintenance of Rs7000. Now she wants the house as well under the threat of 498a. ...Still, the whole nation laughs at this poor man! It may be possible that Panda must have been facing harassment from his wife for a long time and that must have affected him psychologically.

• harassed? Taking 50 per cent of husband’s property is actually cruelty towards the husband as he has toiled his entire life to earn this money, which these Surpanakhas are openly and shamelessly demanding by force.

• One doesn’t know whether to sympathise with ...or condemn his conduct for bringing disgrace to the office of Inspector General of Police. Sympathise, because the man seems to have lost his sanity... and condemn, since his conduct has brought disrepute to the entire police set-up of the state....But what has happened to Panda didn’t come about overnight. Although it remains a matter of conjecture as to what factors are to blame for his present state, one thing is for sure that both officialdom and other authorities concerned feigned ignorance and were negligent for quite some time about the whole affair.

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