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Thursday, October 13, 2005

D-Day ( + 750 ) ( outside of SIF cases Files )
Srivatsa , Nirupa & Vijay

In a small temple in Bangalore Elderly Nirupa , 70+ year old her limping husband Srivatsa and Vijay took a vow Trishti & Lila shall be brought to justice before the law . Elder abuse will not be allowed to flower . Supported starts puring in from neighbours who have been mute spectators uptil now . 498a and Dowry Cases cannot be treated as normal standard tactics of marital Game . They owe it to the society at large that shuprankhas are brought to justice. If it takes 20 years it will be done. justice ka na koi bhai , behen , mata , pita yah biwi hota hain , hota hai to bas justice . 35 years no body has ever taken , nor given dowry in family
Crime is a crime irerespective of gender .False Accusation is even worse . Madhu Kishwar could attend only one Dowry less Marriage . Vijay , Srivatsa and Vijay have attended 20+

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