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Monday, September 26, 2005

The D-Day and Pre Day Story ( True Story from SIF Case files )
D-Day ( -1)
Nirupa Roy comes to to her son Vijay house . Trishti had gone to her sister Lila's Place after eating the Break fast prepared by Nirupa . Vijay goes to work in Basvanugudi Bangalore.
In two hours her receives a call on his mobile from Trishti Saying that he should immediately sent his mother Nirupa back to Chikmanglur. Vijay asks what exactly is her problem . Trishti says I will not allow even the saaya of Nirupa to fall on my sons face. Vijay asks Trishti to calm down Trishti increases voice and repeats the threat " SHALL I PROCEED " . Vijay Pacifies Trishti and Drops his work and comes back to home . Trishti is not at home. Trishti had gone to Lila's Place again probably for furthur advise on how to provoke .

Trishti comes back with 6 month old abhay . Nirupa is cooking while Trishti & Vijay Play with Abhay . Trishti goes into Kitchen and suddenly shouts with full blown Voice " WHY HAVE YOU TOUCHED ABHAYS COOKER " . Nirupa is flabbergasted. Vijay comes and pacifies Trishti and says if Nirupa Probably did not know how sensitive Trishti is to Nirupa touching abhays item and also asks what is the problem if Nirupa touches Cooker. Trishti says " YOU ARE HARASSING ME . NIRUPA HAS COME TO HARASS ME . I MADE HER STAY AWAY FOR 3 YEARS AND NOW YOU ARE ALLOWING HER TO STAY . I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS NIRUPA CANNOT SEE ABHAY".
Nirupa Asks when can she Trishti's mother . Trishti shouts " NO NEED TO COME AND SEE MY MOTHER YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE FAMILY DO NOT EVEN TRY TO MEET VIJAY AND ABHAY " . Vijay then pacifies her " she has come only for a week" . Trishti " GET HER OUT NOW" . This goes on for an hour with vijay calmly pacifying and Trishti slowly losing her breath .

Every one goes to Sleep


Evening 8:00 P.M.
Trishti comes home from her sister Lila's Place ( Strategies Prepared our victims surmise) and of course looking after her mother who is in hospital having broken her leg.
Nirupa comes having bought some vegetables. Vijay plays with Abhay while Trishti Goes to kitchen . Two minutes later Trishti says " TAKE THAT OUT OF MY FRIDGE" . Nirupa "it is a good vegetables . I will keep it in lower shelf" . Trishti takes it out of the fridge and keeps it n the ledge . Nirupa calmly puts it back again . Trishti " DID YOU NOT HERE I DO NOT WNAT THE VEGETABES IN THE FRIDGE " . Vijay comes with Abhay in his Lap . Vijay "it is not your fridge dear to order my mother not to put vegetables. She has has come only for a day and your are behaving like this " . Trishti " YOU ARE HARASSING ME . YOU ARE TYRING TO THROW ME OUT OF THIS HOUSE" . Trishti snatches Abhay and runs out of the house at 8:30 P.M.
She comes back in minute later saying forgot her mobile and takes it and again goes to her sister Lilas place.

D-DAY + 3
section 498a & dowry harassment

D-DAY + 500 days
Pronuncement by High Court
" The punishment for the mistake of marrying an arrogant woman cannot be a criminal case"

This story is entirely true and not any perception of events . The names of victims of 498a and agressors have been changed since the victims are totally exhausted.


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Satya said...

I can totally sympathize with you or whatever happened to the person, whose story you have written. I wish feminist can relate to it and accept that this happens.
May God provide enough strength to those who went through this.

- Satya

Swarup said...

Such type of lacks of story are happanning in each and evry 3 rd house .

We need the chage the perception of the society. Our feminist group , law maker , politician can not think logically , so it is the time and responsibility of all IIT ,IIM ,It and sucess full Industry people , to stop this leag terrorism.

Your samll effort can make a lot of differnce , let join the campin save indian family and show the whole world the truth .

Good luck to all .. we will show the truth to the whole world , as terrorism can not get the target .